I am having trouble uploading an assignment.

Does the file meet the requirements (format, size and name)?
Only the following files are compatible with the system: docx, doc, rtf, ppt, pptx, xls, txt, pdf, zip, rar, jpg, jpeg, bmp, gif, png, wma, mp3, mp4, avi, wmv, flv, swf, and m4a. If the file is not in one of the compatible formats, use a file conversion program (such as Zamzar) to convert the file type. The maximum file size allowed is 500 MP and the file name should not contain any special characters.

Is the document you are trying to upload currently open?
If you get a “Silverlight” error, this is Microsoft’s way of telling you that you are trying to upload an open document. Close the document on your desktop and then try uploading.

Have you completed all assessments in previous chapters?
Course assessments must be submitted chronologically. If you see a message indicating that previous assessments have not been submitted, go to ‘My Grades’ to check the status of all assessments in the course. You may have skipped an assessment and/or have an assessment that has been marked redo. If you have a redo, you must correct and resubmit the assessment before moving forward in the course.
Creation date: 1/18/2018 12:36 PM     Updated: 1/18/2018 12:39 PM