I am having trouble completing a test in A+.

*1)BE SURE YOU ARE ACCESSING A+ USING THE FOLLOWING SECURE LINK: https://als.ilearn-ed.com/als/?customer=main&plan=C
If prompted, enter your FTA username/password.

Please be sure you are using Chrome or Firefox (Windows) or Safari (Mac) browser. The A+ system is not compatible with Microsoft Edge.

If you are already using IE/Safari and still experiencing issues, please check that your browser settings meet the requirements below:

Caching & Security Settings
IE must be set not to cache (save) A+LS web pages. Also, the IE privacy setting must be set to medium privacy, and the security settings must allow Javascript.
1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. From the menu bar, select Tools > Internet Options.
3. In the Internet Options window, select the General tab.
4. Under the General tab, in Browsing history, click the Settings button.
5. In the Temporary Internet File dialog that appears, make sure that Check for newer versions of stored pages is set to Every time I visit the webpage.
6. Click OK to save your settings.
7. In the Internet Options window, select the Privacy tab. In the Settings area, see if the slider is set to Medium-High. If it is set to Medium-High, you are done. If you require higher security settings, proceed to the next section.

Enabling Active X
Windows Media Active X controls must be enabled in Internet Explorer, otherwise a Javascript error may appear.
1. Launch Internet Explorer.
2. From the menu bar, select Tools > Internet Options.
3. In the Internet Options window, select the Security tab, then click the button labeled Custom Level.
4. Scroll down until you see the section heading Active X Controls and Plug-ins.
5. Scroll a bit further until you find the setting Run ActiveX Controls and plug-ins and make sure it is set to Enable.
6. Scroll down until you find the section heading Scripting.
7. Under Scripting, find the setting labeled Active scripting and set it to Enable.
8. Below that, find the setting labeled Allow status bar updates via script and set it to Enable. (Don't click OK yet, there is one more setting to change.)
9. Scroll down slightly until you find the setting Scripting of Java applets and set it to Enable.
10. Click OK when finished.

• Using Internet Explorer or Chrome (Windows) or Safari (Mac), go to http://als.ilearn-ed.com/main/index.html
• Click the Check Browser Settings link as shown in the screenshot below.

• In the Setup Menu that appears, click the Remove Invalid Session link.

• Enter the student’s login and password into the window that appears and click the Next button.
• You should receive a message "Successfully removed invalid session”.

Because multiple broken session files may have been generated due to repeated test attempts, you must repeat the process until you receive a message “We are sorry, we were unable to remove a session for that logon name” to ensure that all invalid sessions are removed.
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